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Steve Norton's Top Five Reasons for attending a Business Networking Event

07 Jun 2023
Steve Norton's Top Five Reasons for attending a Business Networking Event

Together, we can!

Steve Norton
, our brilliant Business Development Manager covering Lincolnshire, Peterborough, Cambridgeshire, and Doncaster is incredibly proud to be a committee member of the Lincoln Business Club.

Having been on the committee for a few years, he understands the value of having a thriving hub to be a part of. The not-for-profit, networking community has been running successfully since 2004; providing a relaxed hub for like-minded people, whilst supporting and championing the Lincoln business community.

For those who haven’t yet joined us, his top reasons for joining the Club are:

- Support from contacts to share ideas and help with issues
- The social side - a lot of jobs can be lonely!
- Meeting like-minded people to grow your network
- Building Trust and exchanging business
- Guest speakers at each meeting to learn about what is happening that affects businesses in the area

With now, over 100 guests in attendance each month, the club is a true hub of connectivity for its valued members!

Feel free to contact Steve for additional information on attending our next group, which takes place monthly.

Learn more about what they get up to, here:
You can also get your tickets here:

Photography credit to the fantastic David Harrison.

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